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Liquid Cold Plate For Power Conversion System (PCS) for Energy Storage

Powerful Performance

The Challenge

High Performance Liquid Cold Plate for Power Electronics

Design high performance cold plate to cool next generation energy storage. Extensive CFD modeling for the flow distribution results in excellent uniform temperature. And minimize the temperature under the IGBTs.

Case Study Tags

design manufacturing industrial energy storage energy conversion renewable power cold plate heat sink power electronics fluid flow balanced flow ethylene glycol water SkimPak™ Semikron™

Design and Manufacturing

Optimize Thermal and Hydraulic Performance
  • Working closely with the customer to determine thermal and mechanical boundary conditions for their particular application.
  • Create a thermal model for the cold plate design.
  • Optimize the design thermally and hydraulically to meet or exceed the boundary conditions.
  • Designing for manufacturability.
  • Periodic design review meetings with the client to be sure that the design is meeting or exceeding expectations.
cold plate thermal and hydraulic performance


Uniform Temperature Distribution

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