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ITS Cooling solutions for electronics industries
Innovative Thermal Solutions Inc. (ITS) designs, manufactures and delivers air cooled and liquid cooled heat sinks, heat pipes, and two-phase thermal syphon assemblies for the electronics industry. We partner with our customers as thermal experts to support their product development efforts.

Air Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

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Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

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Design & Manufacturing Experts

Our team of industry veterans approach each new challenge with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of design. We develop innovative solutions from the ground up, applying decades of experience to the unique requirements of each client's application. We take your thermal solution from concept to delivery by leveraging the combined talents of our engineers and our network of reputable manufacturers. Don't take our word for it. Let our work speak for itself.


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The Right Tool for the Job
One of the most important steps of the design process is determining the optimal method of cooling for a specific challenge. We utilize a combination of air cooled, two-phase, and liquid cooled solutions depending on the amount of cooling required and the scope of the project. Determining the correct cooling solution requires an in-depth understanding of the different cooling methods available.
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Air Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

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Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

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applications & markets

Cooling solutions for key industries
Thermal management is a key element in the design process that allows technology across a wide range of sectors to function safely.
industrial welding

motor drives, power supplies for welding, melting, lasers

electric car charging

electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, traction, aerospace, marine

power grid control room operator

inverters, UPS, renewables, distribution, grid stability

magnetic resonance imaging scan

X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography scan (CT)

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