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liquid cooled central processing unit

Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

Improved performance for advanced cooling


Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid cold plates provide the most advanced cooling performance by circulating a conductive liquid (typically a type of water, or water-glycol mixture) from the heat source to a radiator. Liquid cooling is ideal for the most challenging thermal applications requiring extreme cooling. If high performance cooling is not required, an air cooled product may be the more ideal solution.

Applications for Liquid Cooled Solutions

motor drives power supplies electric vehicles charging infrastructure traction aerospace marine X-ray MRI CT scanners instrumentation telecom networks

Common Material Data Sheets

Al-6061 Al-6063 Al-6360 Cu-110


Types of Liquid Cooled Heat Sink Solutions
We specialize in 2 different types of cold plate solutions. While each liquid-cooled thermal management solution far surpasses air cooling and two-phase cooling, there are distinct advantages to each type of liquid cooled solution.
embedded pipe heat sink

Pressed-in Tube Coldplate
Superior performance at the lowest cost for a liquid cooled solution

aluminum cold plate resting on table

Hypercool Coldplate
Machined-in flow paths permit limitless options for flow path configuration

The Process

Working with ITS
Selecting the optimal cold plate solution for your thermal management challenge is a highly collaborative process. Our team of engineers will work with you to gather information on your specific project requirements and develop a solution that is robust and cost effective. The scope of any thermal management project is dependent on project requirements. Common factors that can impact project timelines include:
  • Tube diameters
  • Type of connector/fitting requirements
  • Overall cold plate size
  • Cold plate machining
  • Required thermal performance

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