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aluminum heat sink on circuit board

Air Cooled Heat Sink Solutions

Highly scaleable for moderate cooling


AirFab Solutions

Air cooling maximizes the removal of heat by extending the surface area over which air flows using metals that are cost effective, machinable, and have high thermal conductivities. Air cooling is ideal for moderate cooling applications. If more advanced cooling is required, a liquid cooled solution may be recommended.

Applications for Air Cooled Solutions

motor drives inverters UPS renewables transmission/distribution grid stability electric vehicles charging infrastructure traction aerospace marine X-ray MRI CT scanners instrumentation telecom networks lighting

Common Material Data Sheets

Al-1100 Al-6061 Al-6063 Al-6360 Cu-110


Types of Air Cooled Heat Sink Solutions
We specialize in 4 different types of air cooled heat sink solutions. While each air-cooled thermal management solution relies on the same cooling principles, there are distinct advantages to each type of solution.
collection of extruded aluminum heat sinks

Extruded Heat Sinks
Lowest cost, highly durable

copper heat sink

Copper Heat Sinks
Significantly improved performance

embedded pipe heat sink

Embedded heat pipe
Superior thermal spreading

bonded fin heat sink

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
2-3 times better cooling, lighter

skived fin heat sink

Skived Fin Heat Sinks
Cost effective for high volume

The Process

Working with ITS
Selecting the optimal heat sink solution for your thermal management challenge is a highly collaborative process. Our team of engineers will work with you to gather information on your specific project requirements and develop a solution that is robust and cost effective. The scope of any thermal management project is dependent on project requirements. Common factors that can impact project timelines include
  • Required thermal performance
  • Lead time of raw materials
  • Machining time
  • Individual fins vs folded fin pack
  • Tooling requirements

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