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aluminum heat sink

Air Cooled Solution for Power Quality Equipment

Enabling the Power Grid of the Future

The Challenge

Cooling Grid Transmission Equipment

Redesigning ITS customer's existing air-cooled heat sink to maximize thermal performance while remaining affordable.

Case Study Tags

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Thinking Outside the Box, Cooling in the Box

Cooling IGBTs using traditional air-cooled heat sinks
  • Optimized fin design of the existing design to maximize airflow and fin efficiency
  • Simulated the design with different material variations to minimize the cost of manufacturing whilst maintaining thermal performance
  • Designing for manufacturability
  • Periodic design meetings with the client and the manufacturing team to ensure all stakeholders are confident in the design, its performance, and manufacturability within the client’s budgeted cost
original offshore design vs its


Cooling all high flux designs
  • Matched the thermal performance of the existing heat sink
  • Improved cost and quality of manufactured equipment
  • Provided thermal maps for better understanding of heat spread across the heat sinks
  • Improved fin design to maximize performance

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